Welcome to
22 Bishopsgate

Fresh start

22 Bishopsgate is the site of the former Pinnacle development, which was granted planning permission in April 2006. Construction was started but stopped four years ago.

The world has changed. People’s expectations of work and of businesses are higher. Standards are higher. We care more about where we work and with whom, and businesses care too.

The City is playing its part as well – becoming a place to enjoy as much as a place to work.

London is short of office space. Our plans provide 1.4m sq feet of net usable space, with all floors larger than 20,000 sq feet. The 62 storey building is 278m tall, 10m lower than the original design.

More importantly, these plans take a fresh look at how the world is now, creating a better place for people to work, to visit or just pass by.

Better for people, and for London as a whole.