Being at work

22 Bishopsgate will be home to 12,000 people and up to 100 companies. It needs to do more than accommodate them: it needs to stimulate and invigorate them, and help them grow.

To address the changing nature of being at work for individuals, businesses and the City, the building has to be active:

  • Creating workspaces that give choice, flexibility and wellbeing for individuals at work.
  • Providing workspaces for businesses which help them unleash creativity.
  • Delivering the common spaces for this rich mix of tenants to come together and grow.
  • Helping the City continue to be a place for both people and business, work and pleasure.

Beyond the office

22 Bishopsgate will encourage people to be active as well as accommodate their needs.

With spaces that have better quality air, more natural light and planting, 22 Bishopsgate is focused on the health and wellness of its occupants.

22 Bishopsgate will foster activity during and after the work day, and beyond the workspace, enabling individuals to grow, and in turn, grow their organisations.

Tenants of 22 Bishopsgate will be able to use unique common spaces to eat, meet other people, learn, create, recharge and work in different ways.

22 Bishopsgate will provide a constant stream of activities, designed to stimulate, refresh and nurture the building’s occupants and surrounding community.

Beyond the desk

Organisations are becoming more agile. They are constantly reorganising themselves for competitive advantage.

22 Bishopsgate is designed for difference and will not put tenants in a box. Its plans give people and businesses choice, allowing for greater flexibility and agility in how both work.

Workspaces at 22 Bishopsgate will help people to move around and work where it suits them. People can seek out quiet areas to concentrate and interactive spaces, across a variety of work settings.

22 Bishopsgate will be home to big and small, the established and the fast growing, from East End to West End, combining to create a stimulating mix.

Businesses will be part of a building community where you can be inspired by, and collaborate with, your neighbours.

Floors are designed for flexible layouts, internal staircases and indoor gardens to support activity and wellbeing.